When you miss a hobby…

After a long year without it, my sewing machine is at last in working order… I am so, so happy !

I actually missed it… a lot. Of course, it’s when you can’t do things that you want to do them most… So hard !

So now it’s back on track, I’ve been playing with it. First a little cuddly monster for a new baby (welcome to the world, little one ! I hope you’ll have lots of fun with this grinning Puffy).


Then a linen top for me, just in time for the super nice weather and the bright sun that hit us last weekend.


And a lot of mending… like 12 trousers (it’s great to have 3 boys… less fun when they come back saying they have ripped their trousers at the knee… again !!)

I even found the time to make some light trousers for the summer (following the pattern in “Simple Modern Sewing” by Shufu To Seikastsu Sha).


Finally, in the “projects to be made” department, I have bags, summer dresses, a purse, a documents holder, a backpack… And I am sure the boys will ask for stuff too. It will be fun to have a sewing workshop !

Do you like sewing ? Share your creations, I’d love to hear from you !


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