When you need a quick gift ..

My friend celebrated her birthday last week… and I had forgotten ! What kind of friend does that, hey ? I know, I know… Just unforgivable…

So I had to do something. I grabbed my needles, and made a little washcloth, to be given with a fancy soap and some awesome shower steamers.

I can’t remember the name of the stitch, right now, because I only have my notes and, hum… it is not legible…

Knotted open work ? Knotted open mark ? Hum… I feel a bit ashamed !

Anyway, it is fun to knit ! It would make a nice cardigan, I suppose… I might even try !

Anyway, here is the pattern :

You need :

Cotton yarn (I used Drops Paris), needles n.4

Cast on 36 st. Knit 4 rows of garter stitch. Purl the next row (this is the wrong side), knitting the 3 first stitches and the 3 last stitches to make the border.

Row 2 : knit 3 (border), * knit 2, yf (make 1 st), knit 3, with the left hand needle lift the first of the 3 st just knitted over the last 2 ; repeat from *, knit 1, knit the border.

Row 3 : knit 3, purl to 3 before end, knit 3.

Row 4 : knit 3 (border), knit 1 *knit 3, with left handed needle, lift the first of the 3 over the last 2, yf ; repeat from * until last 5 st, knit 2, knit border (3st).

Row 5 : knit border, purl, knit border.

Repeat until desired height, finish with 4 rows of garter stitch. Cast off. Weave in ends. 
What is your favourite washcloth stitch ?


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