See you soon !

Hi there ! We had trouble with our landline in the past ten days (read no phone at all) and the phone provider has finished to battle with the lines engineers today. Let’s just say the children are happy to have internet back !

We are going on holiday until the end of the month, but I did pack lots of wool to start a blanket for the wonderful idea people had at Six million trebles (a record breaking blanket of 6 million trebles for the 6 millions refugees in the world). If you’d like to have a look, check out six million trebles on Facebook or instagram.

And I also took cotton yarn to knit a jumper for my 14 yo (blue, was the requirement. So lots of shades to do a fair isle style, otherwise I’d be bored !), wool to make a hat for a new baby and a sock or 2 to finish. I am just thinking now that I might have gone over the top but, well… who knows. It might rain !

Wishing you a wonderful time !


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