Sewing sunday

After spending half a day tidying the second boy’s bedroom (I nearly chocked because of the dust.. Shame on me !), I deserved a break… 

I took out the sewing machine and stopped a moment. What to do ?

First boy is forever misplacing his one and only pyjama top, the one with long sleeves. And I do not want him to be ill again, thank you very much.

So I gathered a too small tshirt, an ok tshirt and the scissors, and set off to make sleeves for a new pyjama top.

I was lucky enough to colour coordinate, even if I am not sure first boy would have minded to tell the truth.

And here is the finished top :

I then proceeded to make a pj bottom from scratch, because hey, why not ?

And it was time for a hot chocolate…

How was your Sunday ?


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