Easy knitting for illness days…

I hope you are well… I am just recovering from high fever and was quite tired at the beginning of the week. However, I found it hard to just sit and do nothing so I looked up on Ravely and found the most fun washclothes to knit… Well, they are called dishclothes, but I do think they would be fab to use under the shower, really !

Round cloth

To tell the truth, I never really knitted any of these little things but, hey, I needed my hands to stay occupied while my mind was still a bit foggy.

Round cloth (unfinished)

These patterns are great : the washclothes are different than the boring square one, and the way you knit it easy enough to let the needles work their magic.

I used Sheepjes Soft Fun in Aquarel colourway, and also knitted a soap bag, to make it a set. One birthday gift ready !

Soap bag and petal cloth

You can try the patterns yourself here : petal dishcloth, round dishcloth.

And you, what is on your needles ?



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