Yarning along

An Instagram friend and blogger experienced, Rachel, is hosting this #yarningalong idea : posting about what we are reading and making. I love this ! So here goes… (And if you want to read Rachel’s post, it’s here).

This week I am reading Quiet, by Susan Cain, a book to help introverts navigate this noisy world.

I only just started, really, and already it resonates a lot with me. Who knew I was an introvert in hiding ? I disguised myself in being the funny girl, but in fact I am most happier in a calm place and need to be on my own. A lot !

I am hoping reading the book will help me and my eldest son… I will let you know !

And on the knitting front, I just started a cardigan, knitted in aran yarn and I love how fast it is, especially after knitting a shawl last month !

The pattern is on Ravelry, it is the Toggle Jacket. An edging in lace and all the rest in plain old stockinette stitch, with raglan sleeved. Really cute !

And you, what are you reading and making ? Join the #yarningalong tribe and share !

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