Yarning along this week

Hi everyone ! It seems I am keeping this appointment of ours in the week, and I find this very enjoyable. Actually, this is not surprising as I love reading as much as I love playing with yarn…


This week, I am reading “Alchemy of Herbs” by Rosalee de la Foret. I downloaded it on my Kindle paperwhite. I was always interested in herbs and natural healing, and I use herbs, essential oils and the likes every day (my husband says I am a witch 😉 ). So when I saw this book, I thought I would have a look.

It does not disappoint. It is full of good ideas and recipes on how to introduce more herbs and spices in your diet. Of course, this is not a way to get rid of any ailment quickly, but nutrition is a powerful tool to get better. And that’s what it is about.


On the needles, I started a jumper for me in Drops Cotton Merino following a pattern from Ann Budd’s “Knitter’s Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters”. I chose to knit the top down Twisted Little Raglan because I fell for the neat stitches of the sides…


It’s a relaxing knit, not challenging and it gets me in a meditating mood. Perfect to wind down after a busy day. Mindful knitting. This suits me at the moment !

What are you reading and making ?

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