Summer reading

Summer is here, and even if the temperatures are over 30, I will not complain : I have been waiting for this for so long ! When the sun shines, I have so much more energy, ideas and will to do things ! I missed it… So even if I stay in the shade and close curtains and windows during the day, I do enjoy this summery weather, the evening walk, the smell of hay, the little breeze… and the laundry drying in less than an hour on the line !

II am still working on my Shawl Society II “Sprite’s Fen” shawl, nearly halfway through. It is nice to work lace at the moment, but I do need to concentrate a bit to keep track of the progress !

yarningalong onecreativecat

It’s the perfect weather to read too, and I am seriously enjoying “Walking the Woods and the Water” by Nick Hunt. This journalist went on Patrick Leigh Fermor’s tracks and did the same journey as him, only 6 decades later.

What an interesting read too ! I liked the books by Patrick Leigh Fermor, it’s interesting and like plunging back in time to the 1930s, have a feel of the time, travelling by foot from Holland to Turkey.

Hunt follows the same itinerary, walking with Fermor’s books as a reference and guide, sleeping rough or couch surfing. He notes the changes, the modifications in the geography and in the mindset of the people he meets.  It is fascinating !

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What are you reading this week ?


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