When life gives you lemon…

This week has been trying, on the family front! My husband was admitted in the acute care unit of our local hospital after spending an afternoon monitored in A&E… Long story short, he had a very resistant cellulitis, and after he was discharged we had to go back for new antibiotics… hoping it will work this time.

All this means I had looooooots of time to knit on a chair by his side, and I really worked on my Breathing Space jumper (here… Absolutely stunning pattern!!!).

one creative cat store etsy hand knitted gifts unique sustainable accessories and bags colourful hand dyed yarn

I initially used the coral yarn to knit a Pie are Square shawl following Elizabeth Zimmerman recipe, but I found the yarn to be too thick for this kind of project. I will try to use lace instead… Watch this space!

On the other hand, I have been busy dyeing yarn, inspired by the beautiful Spring meadows in the Alps… All the colours!!! I wish I was back!

one creative cat store etsy colourful hand dyed yarn inspiration Alps soft and comfortable knitwear sustainable gift ideas fritillaria hand dyed yarn sock yarn Trollius hand dyed DK yarn Polwarth yarn

You can have a better look here


Do you knit when you are stressed out too?

What have you been up to?



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