Plastic free July

July was Plastic Free month here in the UK (it might also have been elsewhere, now that I come to think of it…). I tried to reduce plastic consumption, to reuse things when I could and to find new ways of doing things…

one creative cat store etsy Reusable Make Up Pads. Crochet Cotton Cloth. Reusable Wipe. Cotton Facial Round Cloth. Reusable pad. Sustainable living. Green living handmade crochet pads upcycled bags and purses colourful hand dyed yarn unique hand knitted accessories

I decided to crochet bags and scubbies to avoid using plastic bags in the shops and cotton wool (not plastic, I know, but not reusable…).

The cotton pads are super soft and very easy to care for (you can put them in trouser’s pockets, a pillow case or wash bag to avoid loosing them in the washing machine – sometimes I find them stuck under the door). I like the feel of it and they do just the job. And they add colour in the bathroom! I keep them in a little pottery mug on the counter, and wash them with the day load. They dry in no time too!

I was a bit carried away and crocheted so much in lovely pretty colours I decided to make them available in my Etsy shop 😉

one creative cat store etsy Filet market bag. Fruit and veg bag. Crocheted bag. Shopper bag. Food carrier. Cotton crochet bag. Handmade crochet bag. Colour blocks bag sustainable items hand crocheted cotton bag say no to plastic hand knitted accessories colourful hand dyed yarn soft and unique gift ideas market bag crochet

This bag is so great! It takes no space at all in a handbag, is pretty sturdy and can hold a lot of fruit and veg from the organic shop!

Are you trying to reduce your plastic consumption? What are your favourite finds? I’d love to hear from you!




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